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About Kayan for metal ingots, Kayan foundry is a leading
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Egyptian steel factories stop or reduce production due to the scarcity of the dollar

Some iron and steel manufacturers in Egypt complained about the scarcity of foreign currency needed to continue their work and import raw materials, in the largest Arab country in terms of population, so some of them resorted to reducing production or stopping it completely.

The price of iron today, in the local market

Egypt hosts 4 international exhibitions in the industry

Achievements that speak for themselves

Governor of Ismailia follows up on solving sewage problems

industrial development

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Kayan Company has developed its products to provide complete products in castings for one of the most important heavy industries, infrastructure and national projects such as drinking water and sewage lines

Permanent development the company has modern equipment such as furnaces for smelting electrical metals to ensure a high quality product of metals, in addition to a group of technicians, engineers and workers at the highest level of efficiency under the supervision of highly experienced management.

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